Countless possibilities where to paddle in the St. Anna archipelago

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St. Anna is considered by many kayakers as one of the world's finest archipelagos
for kayaking and outdoor life.

The coastline is famous for its many nature reserves and thousands of islands and inlets. Here are only few islands that are inhabited, which makes it easy to find your own islands to camp on.

We can proudly say that the Sankt Anna & Gryt arcipelago is Sweden's most versatile kayaking water. It is easy to switch between calm inner archipelago to the wilderness in the outer archipelago.

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Stay the night on a island
Majority of our visitors camp in tents on the islands. You will have endless of options where to stay for the night.
Never any problem to take with you in the kayak, a tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and plenty of food and also something good to drink!
Here you can read more how it is in Sweden to camp in the wild.

Bon appetit!
Only 200 meter from us you find a smaller food shop. If you are out for a 1-3 days tour then you can have everything with you from the start. If you are out for longer tour then you will also come to other food shops. You can take a look at the map below. On spot you get a detailed service map, together we plan a route for you.

Do day kayak trips
Best option if you want to experience the archipelago by kayak but sleep indoors is to stay in one of our neighbors cabins or the hotel. Only a few meters from the sea and close to our kayak rental. Perfect when you want to do day trips. Restaurant, and cafe with breakfast, lunch and dinner only 100 meter from us. Phone: + 46 121 51133

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