Double kayaks for rent

Below you find our double kayak fleet for 2021. If it's hard for you to find a favorite we will help you to get one that suit yours need perfectly. Tell us what is important for you;, big packing space, speed or max stable etc. and we will reserve a double kayak that you will love to paddle.

Plastic double kayak

DAG kayak

Biwok Evo

This kayak has a little bigger packing space than other plastic double kayak, making it a favorite for those who make overnight trip for one night when one adult and one kid are on a adventure.
For paddlers up to 90 kg and 190 cm
The kayak has SmartTrack pedals and rudder.

Lenght: 530 cm  Width: 67 cm   Material: 3 layers Polyethylen


Excursion EVO

A double kayak in plastic perfect for day trips. It is very stable. Excursion has two very comfortable adjustable seats and backrests.
The kayak suits both large and small paddlers. All of our Excursion have rudder.
Fits person up to 110 kg and 200 cm

Lenght: 518 cm Width: 70 cm    Materials: HTP Plastic

Fiberglass double kayak

Tahe Marine

Tandem Maxi

This double kayak is perfect for those who want to make a long trip. You can bring along all your extra luxury in the huge storage spaces. The hole in the center is also ideal for children up to 145 cm, a dog or a large picnic basket. The kayaks are of course equipped with Smart Track rudder.
Max size for the paddlers 100 kg and 195 cm

Lenght: 645 cm Width: 69 cm    Material: Fiberglass


Explorer Family
An expedition double kayak with a powerful and rigid structure. This kayak is a bit faster to paddle than the Maxi double kayak. There are two seats for adults. The middle cockpit can be used as an extra storage space, protected by the transport cockpit cover it will be safe from water and you gain additional storage room. Alternatively we put in a extra seat in the middle one. Is suitable for a child up to 130 cm.,
Due to the width of the Explorer this kayak has central footrests and rudder steering pedals. This kayaks also suit big basketball players!

Lengt: 630 cm   Width: 70 cm   Material: Fiberglass/kevlar


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