With good outdoor equipment the kayak trip will be even more enjoyable

You can get a full all inclusive camping package or just separate parts to full fill your own camping set

Camp gear price list  2024
all prices are in SEK

Camp package 1 night 2 nights  3 nights + night
For 1 person 450:- 700:- 950:- + 250:-
For 2 person 600:- 950:- 1300:- + 350:-
For 3 person 700:- 1150:- 1600:- + 450:-
2 adult + 2 kids 750:- 1250:- 1750:- + 500:-

Separate parts

2 pers tent 200:- 300:- 400:- + 100:-
3 pers tent 280:- 400:- 520:- + 120:-
Family tent 300:- 440:- 580:- + 140:-
Exped airmat + air pillow 80:- 150:- 200:- + 50:-

Stove incl. gas 130:- 210:- 290:- + 80:-

Stove incl. gas + cooking kit

For 1 person 180:- 300:- 420:- + 120:-
For 2 person 220:- 370:- 520:- + 150:-
For 3 person 260:- 440:- 620:- + 180:-
ENJOY THE All inclusive camping package

We have made a camping package for you so you only need to bring your own clothes and hygiene gadgets, all the rest we have here for your kayak adventure. Food shopping you can do here on spot. Only 200 meter from the kayak center is a small food market where you find all basic food. Big food market you find in Söderköping only 300 meter from the travel center. If you are out on a longer tour then 3 days we help you to plan a route so you come to a food market on an island for supplying both food and water.
Camp package includes. 2 or 3 person dome tents, Exped airmats, Exped air pillow, Crazy Creek HEX 2,0 folding camp chair, 2 x 20 L dry bags, Trangia kitchen incl. gas plus everything in the cocking pakage (see below), folding shovel for toilet cases, toilet paper, fresh water bottles, drying line, eco-labeled salt water soap and shampoo, mosquito repellent.

Sleeping bag is not included in the camp package price. For you who don't bring your own sleeping bag, you can rent from us for 200 SEK (laundry cost) We also sell for only 500 SEK new summer sleeping bag. You can decide here on the spot what is best for you

Cook like the pro on the gas stove
Trangia camping stove with gas burners, we dare say is the best kitchen when the weight does not matter. Teflon frying pan, two pots and coffee pot, cutting board, lighters, sponge and eco-labeled dish soap for seawater is included in the basic package. Gas is also included in the price.

In the cooking package (everything you see in the picture) is included: gas stove incl gas, all the cookware and utensils for cooking. plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, knife, tin-opener, coffee press, kayak designed cooler bag,freezer packs, garbage bags.
Spices: salt, sugar, black pepper, chili flakes, curry, frenchherbs, cinnamon and small bottle olive oil.  

Dome tent, always with sea view!
We rent out Jack Wolfskin Eclipse for two or three person. Self-supporting dome tent that works great even on smooth rocks. Additionally, only the inner tent can be used separately, which is perfect for getting away if any mosquitoes but still able to see the sunset, starry sky and the sunrise from the cuddly sleeping bag in the tent.
Two vestibules making the tent easy to use.
The tent is packed in a waterproof bag.

Sleep well on soft mats
After several years of testing of several models, we have chosen to use only Exped airmat Plus and Exped air pillow for rent.
We are sure that you will like Exped as much as we! The sleeping mat you pump up easily with the built-in hand pump and can self-regulate how hard or soft it should be. Curled in the packing bag, they take very little space in the kayak's cargo space. The air pillow are included in the price

Folding chairs for enjoyable moments
We have used these Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 outdoor chairs in our package and the response is always that none will ever go kayaking without having this chair with them for the time on the islands.  Even if you sit "all day" in the kayak, you love when the evening come to then also sit comfortably.
The chair is also available to buy for 900 SEK