S:t anna's archipelago

Your next outdoor adventure

S:t Anna is a kayaker’s paradise. Paddling about in a kayak is a great way to see the local landscape, spot wildlife and explore uninhabited islands and otherwise-inaccessible areas. The never-ending changes in the surroundings never seem to get old. After a day on the water, set camp and enjoy the rhythmic sound of the sea, birds, and the silence. Enjoy a nicely cooked supper whilst watching the sun going to rest. 

5 - 7 Days in a true stunning archipelago wilderness

Set out on your own, with all the knowledge and equipment you need provided by us and with a suggested itinerary tailored to your preferences and to the current weather conditions. S:t Anna's archipelago has alot to offer all summer long, from may until the very end of september. 

Some of you may think that five or seven days of kayaking is alot, but that totally depends on how you spend those days. Maybe you find your favorite Island and decide to make it to you bascamp, stay for two nights. Nothing wrong with spending a whole day on an island surrounded by wildlife. A great recipie for mindfulness. 

For a tour containing of five to seven days, maybe even longer it will be difficult fitting food and water for the entire tour. A good plan is usally to bring food for at least three days, after that you will find foodshops out in the archipelago. In the north we have Arkösund and in the south you'll find Fyrudden which ar open all summer long. In the middle you find Tyrislöt or maybe get back on start place Mon for food shopping.

During the warm and breezy summer days from midsummer until the end of august you will find restaurants and other service accommodations out on the islands, such as smaller food shops. During a kayak tour of five to seven days you will be able to visit both the wonderful resturant at Aspöja in the north and in the south, Harstena which has, in our opinion one of the most cozy bakeries in Sweden. Dont miss that!

Later in the season when the restaurants and accommodations start closing their business and the holiday season in Sweden is over you will enjoy the peaceful silence in the archipelago. You will now be able to explore the entire archipelago even the birdprotected areas that are closed earlier in the summer. And the best, the water temperature is still ok for a swim even if the hot summer days are over. 


We give you the opportunity to choose what you need from us to be able to enjoy pleasant outdoor life at a decent cost

You choose how many days, what kind of kayak you want and if you want a complete camping package or if you bring your own outdoor gear.
We provide you with knowledge about the area and basic kayaking skills. Together we do planning for that kind of adventure that you are out for.

Total price for kayak rental and associated kayak equipment

Plastic Single 


5 Days       1450 SEK

7 Days       1950 SEK

  • Standard rudder kayak
  • Beginners friendly
  • Big packing space for your gear

Fiberglass Single


5 Days       1700 SEK

7 Days       2300 SEK

  • Premium skeg kayak
  • For you that have paddle a lot
  • Excellent slim kayak feeling

Big Fiberglass Double Kayak

5 Days   1150 SEK/person

7 Days   1550 SEK/person

  • Extra super stable kayak
  • Big cockpits and packing space
  • Cheap family prices available

Optimized camping equipment 

You may wonder how much gear actually fit in a kayak. The most simple answer is "More than you think". But we have made it even easier for you. We offer you optimized camping equipment for kayaking. High quality equipment that is easy to pack in the kayak and therefore give you more space for your own items and food.
To get a taste of what the camping kit will include, you'll find more in depth below.  

5 days (4 nights):  1 person kit: 1400 SEK  /  2 person kit: 1025 SEK/person
7 Days (6 nights):  1 person kit: 1900 SEK  /  2 person kit: 1375 SEK/person
What to expect
  • Self-standing tent, perfect for camping both on cliffs and grass 
  • Outdoor gas kitchen and cutlury. 
  • Outfolding outdoor chair
  • Optimized sleeping mat and air pillow
  • Fresh water bottles/canisters
  • Bring your own sleeping bag and you get 200 SEK discount

Welcome to Kayak Paradise

Sankt Anna archipelago gives you unique nature experiences that do wonders for your health and well-being. Add to that, good food and drinks in good company and you are enjoying life to the fullest. We on Kayak Paradise will do our absolute best to help you starting from the planning of your archipelago holiday to provide you with knowledge and gear that lets you have enjoyable days on the water with free camping on the islands.
 We always try our best to offer you all that to a favorable prices as possible